Alchemy isn’t possible without a well-defined and successfully measured process, which we continue to practice. The four stages include Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo.

achieving The Magnum Opus.



Nigredo, the first step towards the philospher’s stone, calls for all ingredients to be cleansed and cooked extensively. Nigredo is all about getting to know you and your business. We need to understand your vision and mission in order to identify qualities to augment and highlight.

We’ll talk to you about your needs, challenges, and the outcomes you desire. All of this will be an important part of what will become the marketing plan we develop for you.

This stage is complete when we have come to an understanding of what you need and the environment in which you desire it. In the end, it’s about us helping you to bring your vision to life.



The albedo stage is about unification and purification. Once we have a clear idea of how you would like to frame your business image and the market you wish to engage, we consider how we can best utilize our services through analysis of target audience, buyer personas, and competition.

The combination of your needs, your market’s desires, and our team’s abilities allows us to establish effective marketing strategies and tactics to reach your target audience at which point albedo is complete.



Silver is transformed into gold in the citrinitas stage. We execute your vision to reach your audience and develop a powerful customer base.

We know exactly what you do and how you do it, what types of customers will contribute to the long-term support of your business, and the steps we’ll take to connect them to you.

Our communications and marketing collateral will be consistent and compelling. We show your customers exactly why you’re exceptional and present your business accurately for what you already know it is, pure gold.



The final stage of alchemy produces a tincture that creates gold instead of transforming it from basal elements. The process of rubedo, the reddening, suggests that as great as gold is, redder is better. Both gold and the philosopher’s stone are associated with the color red. Establishing your business firmly in the market is a goal but not the end. Rubedo is about gifting you the philosopher’s stone. We arm you with the abilities to carry on, and improve upon, your marketing strategies independently if you choose to. We’ll show you how to adapt to changing market conditions by addressing concerns such as:

  • Are we getting expected results?

  • What is and isn’t working for us?

  • Is our messaging clear, concise, consistent, and based on customer feedback?

  • Are we serving the right customers and markets?

  • What can we change to accelerate and improve results


The Process in action.

Going the distance with a process that’s uniquely tailored to you with our core components.


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